The New York State Communication Association is an organization of faculty, students, and professionals in communication who are dedicated to studying, improving, and applying the principles and practices of communication to all walks of life.

Dan Hahn, Ph.D.
NYSCA Life Member
Wilson Scholar

Nominations for the John F. Wilson Fellowship

Nominations are invited for the John F. Wilson Fellowship of NYSCA. The Wilson Scholar Committee may, each year award the Wilson Fellowship to a member of NYSCA who has established an exemplary record of scholarship and service to the Association. The fellowship carries the prize of life membership in the Association. To be considered for the award, nominees must:
1. Be members of NYSCA
2. Have contributed a significant body of research
3. Have a record of service to NYSCA
Each nomination should include a letter of nomination and current CV. Deadline for nominations is September 24. Nominations should be sent to:

Susan Drucker
Hofstra University
School of Communication
Department of Journalism/Mass Media Studies
Dempster Hall
Hempstead, NY 11549