Proposed Constitutional Amendments

Dear NYSCA Members,
At the last conference, the Constitution Committee was elected as per Article VI Section 7 of the current constitution. The committee consisted of Ari Kissiloff (chair), Cheryl Casey, Sue Jasko, and Viviane Lopuch. The charge was to review the current document with an eye towards finding areas in which current practice does not match the rules, and either change current practice or adapt the document to match. Developments in the field, economics, and technology have all necessitated adaptations that our governing documents have not kept up with.
The committee created an online shared document with the original (last updated over a decade ago) and made notes and suggestions for areas that needed adjustment. These were collated into one plan (and discussed in cases where there was not consent on how to handle certain sections) and now exist in two forms.
Below is the original constitution, as well as the  constitution  with additions and deletions noted. In addition there  is a document which breaks down the different changes, itemizes them, and provides commentary (explanation and justification) for the changes. Finally, there is a sample ballot (we will vote on Saturday at the general meeting at the conference). Members will have the opportunity to vote for or against the individual proposals, and also to vote for or against the entire slate at once. This way, if you have a concern with a particular section, you can vote in favor of others that you do agree with. There will not be time at this meeting for extended discussion.
Submitted on behalf of the Constitution Committee. Questions?