Documentary Screened at 2013 NYSCA Annual Conference

Documentary Screening (4:00PM-5:00PM) – ATLANTIC
Once a staple on network television, horror hosting has gone underground. This cultural phenomenon survives on the fringe with a loyal cult following. In this documentary, entitled I. Zombi, cable access television personalities discuss the Horror Host Underground. This social network spans the United States, promoting their programs and enriching their lives. Professionally, this community seeks a return to mainstream status. Yet, their friendships transcend communication media. They meet several times a year at spirited conventions where they share their love of the horror genre. In this documentary film, Hayden Milligan (I. Zombi) survived a house fire as a child. Living with third degree burns on 98% of his body, he finds his voice as a horror host. Milligan, along with A. Ghastlee Ghoul, Dr. Creep, and Baron Von Wolfstein, stress the importance of social networking. Hailing from Appalachia, Milligan is a born-again Christian who preaches gospel on his show and these hosts commend him for being true to himself. Ultimately, he sees a parallel between this modern day fellowship and Jesus’ biblical community for the hurt and the lost. Presenter: Jeremy Newman, The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey