2011 Student Paper Awards

Top Undergraduate Submission: Shea Molloy, Hofstra University, “Different Lives, Different Lines” (poster)

Top Undergraduate Paper: Jaclyn Cohen, Marymount Manhattan College, “Dissolving Long Distance Friendships Online: I Really Miss Your Facebook”

Top M.A. Paper: Caroline Loy, NYU, “Walt Disney World: Kitsch and Myth Creation”

M.A. Submission Honorable Mention: Anna Nillni, NYU, “The Miss American Pageant: Beauty, Body Image, and Embodiments of Whiteness”

M.A. Submission Honorable Mention: Maxwell Foxman, NYU, “Digital Death: The Failures, Struggles, and Discourses of the Social Media Spectacle

Ph.D Top Paper: Christopher R. Ortega and Michael Egnoto, SUNY-Buffalo, “Longitudinal Analysis of Press Coverage of Violent Video Games: Assessing Agenda-Setting Via Semantic and LIWC Analyses”

Ph.D Submission Honorable Mention: D. Elisabeth Glassco, Rutgers, “Miles Beneath the Bus: The Construction of Jeremiah Wright Jr. in the Public Imagination”

2010 Student Paper Awards


First prize:  Daniel Hagemeier, Hamilton College, paper title:  Twitter and the Question of Objectivity:  How Social Network Sites Influence a Journalistic Norm

Honorable Mention: Elissa Nyerges, The Rochester Institute of Technology, paper title:  The Effect of Educational Television Programming That Involves A Non-English Language on Parental Reports of Second Language Use Among Preschool-Age Children

Honorable Mention: Latisha L. Balogh-Ronbinson, Marist College, Through the Looking Glass: Weight Bias Revisited from a Symbolic Interactionist Point of View

Master’s Level

First prize:  Elizabeth Smith, New York University, paper title:  “’They Don’t Teach This in High School’: An Examination of the Portrayal of Teenage Pregnancy in the MTV Television Show 16 and Pregnant”

Honorable Mention: Jiyoung Chae, New York University, paper title:  “’Yes! I Had Cosmetic Surgery’: Celebrities Cosmetic Surgery Confessions through the Media as an Atonement Ritual, and Korean Female College Students’ Perception of the Confessions”

Honorable Mention: Yue Li, New York University, paper title:  Cross-Cultural Communication within American and Chinese Colleagues in Multinational Organizations

Creativity Award: Zach Napolitano, Brooklyn College, City University of New York, paper title:  Text me my love, you can text me any day or night

PhD Level

Research prize:  Hyunsook Youn  and Marian Stewart Titus, Rutgers University, paper title:  Mobile Phone in U.S. Science Museums: A Report of an Online Survey

Past Award Winners


Postman Mentor Award
Thomas Flynn, Slippery Rock University


Postman Mentor Award
Deborah Borisoff

Top Undergraduate Paper Award
“Reality TV: The Merger of Corporate Publicity and Popular Entertainment”
Kimberlyn David, Ithaca College
Top Graduate Paper Award
“Terrorism Victims and the Media”
Zohar Kadmon Sella, Columbia University


Postman Mentor Award
Gary Gumpert

Joseph Coppolino