Call for Papers


New York State Communication Association
2018 Call for Papers – 76th Annual Conference October 12-14, 2018 | Villa Roma Resort and Conference Center

356 Villa Roma Road, Callicoon, NY 12723

Signs of the <Time>: Urgency, Connection, and Affordances in Communication

Consideration of time as a contextual factor in a communication transaction, rhetoric of time (e.g., busyness, urgency) impacting interpersonal connection, and <time> as a point of political dispute are just a few ways in which the notion of time is explored in the field of communication. While time could be defined as a state, a measurement, or a cultural description, it also allows for reflection of history and past narratives while shaping future events. This seems particularly appropriate as NYSCA reflects on the 75th anniversary celebrated in 2017 and is now looking forward to 100 years of the organization. In interpersonal and health communication, consideration of time helps shed light on doctor-patient relationships, dyadic pairings both romantic and platonic, and communication regarding death and dying. Affordances granted through technology reshape our understanding of time and culture. <Time> as an ideograph is being used in political discourse to simultaneously unite (as a perceived common understanding of time exists), while dividing (the actions warranted/desired under the banner of “this is the time” are undoubtedly different). Moreover, time, and the seemingly ever present lack of it, shapes individuals’ narratives of self, family, and work. For the 2018 New York State Communication Association Conference, we encourage submissions that challenge traditional notions of time, illuminate turning points in identity and interpersonal relationships, explore rhetorical strategies/uses of time and <time>, discuss the intersection of technology, chronemics, and culture, and any other manuscript, performance, or discussion that scholars, practitioners, and students in the field invest the time to craft.

We welcome submissions in a variety of formats including papers, panel proposals, posters, roundtables, media screenings, and other innovative proposals for thoughtful engagement. Work related to the conference theme is encouraged, as well as scholarship addressing a wide range of communication topics from a variety of theoretical and methodological approaches. Undergraduate and graduate student submissions are also welcome and completed papers will be considered for student paper awards.

Completed papers of no more than 25 pages should not include identifying information (author, affiliation, contact information) – identifying information will be entered by submitters into the submission program. Papers should include a running head with an abbreviated title. Student submissions should indicate “undergraduate” or “graduate,” along with an abbreviated title in the running head.

For all other presentation formats, including panel proposals, posters (students only), and roundtables, please include the title, the lead contact or panel chair, the participants/authors, affiliations, contact information, and a description of the panel, poster, or roundtable. For each paper in a panel or roundtable proposal, please include a title, a list of authors, and abstracts of no more than 125 words for each presenter.

A statement of professional responsibility should be included on the first paper of the submission and should state the following: “In submitting the attached paper/panel proposal, poster, or roundtable, I/we agree to present at the 2018 NYSCA conference if it is accepted. I/we further recognize that all who attend and present at NYSCA’s annual meeting must register and pay the required fees.”

We have transitioned to an electronic submission system for all abstracts, proposals, and/or completed papers – a link to the EasyChair submission site will be posted on in January. Please read the instructions on the site prior to submitting your paper or proposal. All abstracts, proposals, and/or completed papers are due no later than June 1, 2018.


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Final program for our 75th – 2017 annual conference!

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Final program for our 74th – 2016 annual conference!

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