2014 Call for Papers: Alone Together: Communication and Community (or Not)

72nd Annual Conference
New York State Communication Association
October 17-19, 2014
Honor’s Haven Resort and Spa – Ellenville, New York

 Alone Together: Communication and Community (or Not)

 Communication allows us to share meaning, build relationships, and create communities. The empathy garnered through thoughtful Communication is the foundation for common ground, and our perspectives are often guided by relationships and shared experiences. Yet in this time of niche markets, micro audiences, and customizable media, are we limiting opportunities for understanding? Is our communication encouraging factionalism at the expense of more holistic community?

This year’s conference theme invites papers at the

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NYSCA Proceedings 2013 Calls for Papers

The Editor of the NYSCA Proceedings issues the following Calls for Papers:
Please note that there are TWO (2) calls this year for the NYSCA Proceedings.
CFP #1:

Research papers presented at the 71st Annual Conference (2013) of the 

New York State Communication Association: Communities of Communicative Practice
are being accepted for blind peer review for the conference Proceedings beginning immediately after the conference.
We urge you to contribute your work.
CFP #2: 
As we are coming up to our 75th anniversary, we wish to create a retrospective edition of work presented at our annual conferences. We invite those
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Proceedings Update

Proceedings of the New York State Communication Association

In October 2013, Proceedings of the New York State Communication Association had 757 full-text downloads and 10 new submissions posted.

The most popular papers were:

Cross-Cultural Communication within American and Chinese Colleagues in Multinational Organizations (119 downloads)

“They Don’t Teach This in High School”: An Examination of the Portrayal of Teenage Pregnancy in the MTV Television Show 16 and Pregnant (84 downloads)

Insider and Outsider Perspective in Ethnographic Research (55 downloads)

Proceedings of the New York State Communication Association now holds 47 records, which have been downloaded

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Proposed Constitutional Amendments

Dear NYSCA Members,
At the last conference, the Constitution Committee was elected as per Article VI Section 7 of the current constitution. The committee consisted of Ari Kissiloff (chair), Cheryl Casey, Sue Jasko, and Viviane Lopuch. The charge was to review the current document with an eye towards finding areas in which current practice does not match the rules, and either change current practice or adapt the document to match. Developments in the field, economics, and technology have all necessitated adaptations that our governing documents have not kept up
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Call for Papers, NYSCA Proceedings

DEADLINE EXTENDED! Research papers presented at the 70th Annual Conference (2012) of the New York State Communication Association:
Communication (of) Choice and Consequence: A 70th Anniversary Reflection on the New York State of Communication Ethics

are being accepted for blind peer review for the conference Proceedings beginning immediately after the conference.
We urge you to contribute your work.
Deadline: April 30, 2013
Papers fall into three categories:
  • Standard papers (blind peer reviewed)
  • Undergraduate papers (blind peer reviewed)
  • GIFT presentations (non-refereed)
To submit a paper, please upload a digital copy of your manuscript, no longer than 25 pages, including tables and
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… here are the top paper winners from the 2012 Conference.

Top Undergraduate Paper – Their image of me: A phenomenological study of professional dress choices by female professors – Laura Abbasi (McDaniel College)

Top Graduate paper – Beyond critical communication: Noor’s soap opera – Noura Hajjaj (Marist College)

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Call For Papers – 2013 Conference



OCTOBER 18-20 2013

Honors Haven Resort & Spa

1195 Arrowhead Road

Ellenville, NY 12428

Communities of Communicative Practice

Much communication scholarship over the past 50 years has focused on the inextricable link between interactive/dialogic processes and social network membership. That is, communication practices both create, and are created by, the networks in which social actors find themselves embedded. The theme for the 2013 New York State Communication Association’s annual conference is framed around the idea of networked communities of [communicative] practice. Such networked communities can be framed from political, economic, interpersonal, sociological,

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Executive Board Nominations

This afternoon at the business meeting, we will vote on executive committee positions within the organization. This is a great way to get involved with planning and running the conference and organization. Some positions are open and we welcome nominations or self nominations. Others positions have names in there, but if you’re interested you’re more than welcome to put your name in the hat for the election. Please take a minute to look at the list, and get involved with NYSCA!

NYSCA-2012Nominations (pdf)

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