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Welcome to NYSCA!

Welcome to NYSCA!

The New York State Communication Association (NYSCA) is an organization of faculty, students, and professionals in communication - who are dedicated to studying, improving, and applying the principles and practices of communication to all walks of life. Find out more about the benefits of membership. Click on membership on the top menu. ...Read entire article »


CALL #1: Research papers presented at the 72nd annual conference of the New York State Communication Association in 2014 are now being accepted for publication in the conference Proceedings. ○ Papers are blind peer-reviewed* with the exception of keynote addresses and GIFT panel submissions. ○ Award-winning papers, having been already selected for presentation at the conference through a blind-review process, do not undergo a second review but are published in the Proceedings as p ...Read entire article »

Call For Papers – The 2015 Conference

Call for Papers  73rd Annual Conference New York State Communication Association October 16-18, 2015   Are You In Or Are You Out? Aligning Ourselves With Communication This question evokes thoughts about popularity, group membership, identity, culture, inclusion, belonging, alliances, allegiances, peer pressure, and much more. Our groupings impact the way we see the world, understand ourselves and others, and advance as a culture. Communication provides opportunities to explore our dif ...Read entire article »

New Proceedings Published The Proceedings of the New York State Communication Association publishes the Proceedings for the Convention of the New York State Communication Association. Papers are accepted to appear in the issue associated with the Convention in which they were presented. All papers, including those for the Undergraduate Student Papers, are blind peer-reviewed. Keynote addresses and GIFT panel submissions are not r ...Read entire article »

The 2014 Conference program is posted!

It's ready! If you are presenting have a look at your time slot and location. Even if you're not presenting, you can find all the great panels to go to! Download NYSCA_Program2014-rev1 (pdf) ...Read entire article »

Documentary Screened at 2013 NYSCA Annual Conference Documentary Screening (4:00PM-5:00PM) – ATLANTIC Once a staple on network television, horror hosting has gone underground. This cultural phenomenon survives on the fringe with a loyal cult following. In this documentary, entitled I. Zombi, cable access television personalities discuss the Horror Host Underground. This social network spans the United States, promoting their programs and enriching their lives. P ...Read entire article »

Advertise in the 2014 Conference Program!

Advertising in the New York State Communications Association annual conference program is a great way to reach influential decision makers involved in communications education. The deadline for the receipt of the advertisement artwork and payment will be September 1, 2014. We would greatly appreciate your advertisement payment by June 30, 2014. If you are able to meet this deadline, you will receive a 20% discount on the prices below. · Back Cover - $300 (5” X 8”) · Inside Front Cover - ...Read entire article »

2014 Call for Papers: Alone Together: Communication and Community (or Not)

72nd Annual ConferenceNew York State Communication AssociationOctober 17-19, 2014Honor’s Haven Resort and Spa - Ellenville, New York  Alone Together: Communication and Community (or Not)  Communication allows us to share meaning, build relationships, and create communities. The empathy garnered through thoughtful Communication is the foundation for common ground, and our perspectives are often guided by relationships and shared experiences. Yet in this time of niche markets, micro audien ...Read entire article »

NYSCA Proceedings 2013 Calls for Papers

The Editor of the NYSCA Proceedings issues the following Calls for Papers:   Please note that there are TWO (2) calls this year for the NYSCA Proceedings.   CFP #1: Research papers presented at the 71st Annual Conference (2013) of the  New York State Communication Association: Communities of Communicative Practiceare being accepted for blind peer review for the conference Proceedings beginning immediately after the conference.We urge you to contribute your work.   CFP #2:  As we ...Read entire article »

Proceedings Update

=================================================Proceedings of the New York State Communication Association================================================= In October 2013, Proceedings of the New York State Communication Association had 757 full-text downloads and 10 new submissions posted. The most popular papers were: Cross-Cultural Communication within American and Chinese Colleagues in Multinational Organizations (119 downloads)...Read entire article »

Proposed Constitutional Amendments

(EDITORS NOTE: ALL OF THE AMENDMENTS PASSED AT THE 2013 CONFERENCE)   Dear NYSCA Members,   At the last conference, the Constitution Committee was elected as per Article VI Section 7 of the current constitution. The committee consisted of Ari Kissiloff (chair), Cheryl Casey, Sue Jasko, and Viviane Lopuch. The charge was to review the current document with an eye towards finding areas in which current practice does not match the rules, and either change current practice or adapt the docum ...Read entire article »