Call for Papers


Call for Papers

74th Annual Conference
New York State Communication Association October 14-16, 2016
Villa Roma Resort & Conference Center – Callicoon, NY

Imagination exists in the space between perception and understanding. It is the source of empathy, as we are reminded to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes. We imagine ourselves as members of communities that stretch beyond our local surroundings, and we lose ourselves in the fictional adventures of dramatic characters living in extraordinary times. Imagination is a source of great wonder and the stuff of innovation and creation, and yet we seem to pay little attention to nurturing imagination in education, instead putting emphasis on knowledge above all else.

Albert Einstein famously downplayed the importance of knowledge, crediting imagination and inspiration with the greatest human breakthroughs. Perhaps, humanity is in great need of both knowledge and imagination, and so in that spirit NYSCA cordially invites you to participate in our 2016 convention to discuss imagination, and to imagine together. NYSCA invites papers that consider the intersection of imagination with all areas of the communication field.

We welcome submissions in a variety of formats including papers, panel proposals, posters, roundtables, media screenings, and other innovative proposals for thoughtful engagement. Work related to the conference theme is encouraged, as well as scholarship addressing a wide range of communication topics from a variety of theoretical and methodological approaches. Undergraduate and graduate student submissions are also welcome and will be considered for student paper awards.

For completed papers of no more than 25 pages, please send identifying information (title page, author, affiliation, contact information) in a separate document. Papers should include a running head with an abbreviated title. Student submissions should indicate “undergraduate” or “graduate,” along with an abbreviated title in the running head.

For all other presentation formats, including panel proposals, posters, and roundtables, please include the title, the lead contact or panel chair, the participants/authors, affiliations, contact information, and a description of the panel, poster, or roundtable. For each paper in a panel or roundtable proposal, please include a title, a list of authors, and abstracts of no more than 250 words.

A statement of professional responsibility should be included on the cover or title page of the submission and should state the following: “In submitting the attached paper/panel proposal, poster, or roundtable, I/we agree to present at the 2016 NYSCA conference if it is accepted. I/we further recognize that all who attend and present at NYSCA’s annual meeting must register and pay the required fees.”

Please email abstracts, proposals, and/or completed papers to Michael Plugh ( no later than June 1, 2016. DEADLINE EXTENDED TO JULY 1, 2016